The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense Video Series

Find out what it takes to stop the hottest Offense in football, today…

Video Series offers total Game Plan and Preparation for Shutting Down the Spread

With 10 years of football coaching experience between coaching at the High School and College levels, I have coached nearly every position on the field.

I have been a defensive coordinator at the highest classification in the State of Virginia.  I have helped lead a Junior College team to a #9 Final Ranking in the NJCAA Polls.

And over the last several years, I have written over 380 articles on coaching defensive football.

I have spent a little bit of time working on this coaching thing, but a lot more time has been spent reflecting, reviewing and studying what I have learned.  I have faced countless varieties of Spread Offenses, and tried to defend them from every major front in football – the 3-4, 3-5-3, 4-2-5 and 4-3 Defense included.

In The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense, I have broken down for you everything that I have learned on this journey.

This series reveals the philosophy that I have learned, of exactly what it takes to stop the Spread Offense.  This guide offers 30 videos, over 3 1/2 Hours of discussion on defending the Spread Offense. 

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This information is being offered because I do not want you to go through what I have been through…

  • Defensive game plans that completely fly in the face of your base scheme
  • Frustration over your kid’s seeming inability to tackle Spread teams in space
  • A feeling of helplessness when reaching your wit’s end on adjustments.

If this information was available to me 10 years ago… if I knew the frustration and pain it could save me... I would pay thousands of dollars.  Much more than The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense will cost you today, that’s for sure!

Defending the Spread Offense, Air Raid Y-Shallow Pass Play

What does it take to defend the Spread Offense?  Well…

To Stop the Spread, You Must Understand the Spread

The basic philosophy of the Spread Offense is to do just that – spread the field.  They want to make you defend every inch of grass out there.  Getting into the head of the coaches is the first step to stopping them.

  • Know what they are trying to do to you with every formation, every play
  • Be one step ahead in game planning and play calling
  • Stick to your own philosophy and don’t let the opponent dictate to you
  • Never feel helpless with game time adjustments again

The One thing you Need to Teach to Stop the Run

Your run fits need to be consistent and they need to be a hard and fast rule.  Once your players understand how to fit the run, you can line them up anywhere you want!

  • Force the ball to spill to the outside by closing off all seams
  • Alignment becomes unimportant to you – but confusing for the offense – if your players know where to go when the ball is snapped.
  • Confuse the offense with multiple fronts and stems.
  • Clearly defined roles for your kids on defense lets them play fast and confident.

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T.E.A.M:  Together Everyone Achieves More… Tackles.

Tackling is probably the biggest issue teams have for defending the spread.  Coaches will hammer teaching tackling technique – but this is not the skill your kids need most to be successful against the spread.

  • Teach a mentality of pursuit and passion for the football that gets your players sprinting to the tackle every play.
  • Use open field tackling drills that give your players the ability to make the tough tackles in space.
  • Learn the keys to stopping the Screen Plays that give your hard charging defense so many problems.
  • Give your players the confidence they need by challenging them with situations in practice.

Force Them to Do What You Want!

Using specific alignment rules, you can actually dictate to the Spread Offense opponent.  You can tell them what plays you want them to run, and let your kids know what’s coming!

  • Force the offense’s hand by adjusting your alignment
  • Disguise coverages to cause indecision and interceptions out of the QB’s hand
  • Use blitzes and stunts to create new looks and frustrate the Offensive Line
  • Align your defense all over the place, knowing that the gaps will get filled

Defending the Spread Offense Zone Read

How to Fit ANY Spread Running Play

We take a close look at 9 of the top Spread Offense running plays and how to fit them up out of any front.  Take away what your opponent does best by putting your players in the perfect position to stop their specialites.

  • Defend every key running play in the Spread Offense
  • Zone Read and Zone Read Option
  • Outside Zone / Stretch Play
  • Dart
  • Speed Option
  • Jet Sweep and Fly Sweep
  • Trap, Power, Counter and Iso Gap Schemes

Cut Your Secondary Teaching in HALF – Defend Concepts, Not Plays!

Learn to defend concepts, not plays.  Most spread teams have only a handful of concepts, but they may have dozens of formations and literally, hundreds of individual plays to defend.  If you can teach their concepts to your players, you can stop them from moving the ball through the air.

  • Find out how to defeat protections by getting your best on their worst.
  • Keep scrambling QBs from killing you when they get out of the pocket
  • Coach passing concepts, not plays, to your secondary
  • Specific strategies for defending the 3-Step and 5-Step Passing Games and concepts

Give Your Guys CONFIDENCE When Your Back is Against the Wall!

Eventually, any decent Spread Offense is going to hit one down the field on you.  Prepare your defense to bow up and get tough when their back is against the wall.

  • Evaluate their goal line philosophy to see what they do, and when they start, playing Goal Line packages.
  • Adjust your Goal Line Defense to give your team the best chance to hold strong.
  • Give your players confidence by creating the feeling success against adversity in practice.

Save Yourself the Frustration and Pain of another Year of Dropping the Ball on Defending the Spread…

This series will save you years of frustration and fumbling trying to figure out the Spread Offense.  Believe me, I have tried it all.  And I know what works and doesn’t work. That does not mean I can shut down any Spread Team on any given day, but it means I do not lose sleep when they come up on the schedule.

It means I do not complain about how our kids were so much smaller, or slower.  I know that I have the knowledge, and they have the ability, to stop any Spread Offense.  I know that if it does not happen, the problem was in the communication – not in what I know or how they play.

This guide is a total, overall coaching philosophy for defending the Spread Offense.  It does not apply to any specific front or scheme.  It does not require you to change your coverage.  You only need to learn the messages within and apply them to your current coaching philosophy.

No frills, no fancy intro music or cut-ups, no slick production value.  Just everything I have learned, everything you need to know, about defending the Spread Offense this season.

Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense is totally risk free to try. Save yourself years of frustration and mistakes, get your kids ready to win football games now.

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The Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense can be accessed immediately.  This series include 30 video clips that total more than 3.5 hours of football.  Don’t worry about not having time to sit down and watch it all.  The information is divided up conveniently so that you can watch as little, or as much, as you want to at a time.  You can view what you need now, and save the rest for later.

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You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Thank you for listening, and good luck to you and your team!

Joe Daniel

P.S. You don’t want to spend any longer struggling with figuring out what it takes to stop the Spread.  i have put together 3 1/2 hours of information – everything I have gathered from 10 years of coaching and over 200 articles on coaching defense.

P.P.S. This series is about a philosophy.  It applies to any scheme, any coach, anywhere – anyone who wants their kids to be more successful and win more football games.  Plus, if I offered you even just ONE win next season for the cost of this series – would you take it?

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